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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Take a minute to click on the link below to view a short two minute animated video giving an overview of what’s involved:

How to Use BeSMART.ie - Give Me The Short Version video

Then click on the "Home" tab above and follow the step by step instructions to:

  • Register / Login
  • Search for your business type
  • Identify hazards associated with your workplace
  • Consult with your employees
  • Complete your safety statement, print off and sign

What is a safety statement?

It is your written commitment to managing health and safety in your business and how you are going to do this. It includes your risk assessments

What is risk assessment?

It is the process of identifying hazards in your workplace, deciding who they might harm and how, and then putting controls in place to prevent that harm occurring

Why do I need this for my business?

Employers are required by law to have a safety statement for their place of work. This also includes those who are self-employed or work from home

How will BeSMART.ie help me?

BeSMART.ie enables you to undertake your risk assessments and produce your safety statement online for your business at no cost

What do I have at the end of the BeSMART.ie process?

You will have a workplace specific safety statement including risk assessments which you can download, edit and print

Why can I not log into BeSMART.ie with my email and password after registering?

You must activate your account by clicking on the link in the activation email which was sent to you. This is a one-time only process

Why have I not received an activation email after registering?

An activation email is sent automatically to the email address you provided. Please check your junk or spam folder to ensure the activation email hasn’t ended up there by mistake

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

On the user login screen, there is a “Forgotten your login details?” link that will allow you to email yourself a password reminder. If your password reminder does not come through to your Inbox folder please check your Junk Email Folder as sometimes it could be routed there

Will my work be saved if I need to sign out before I am finished?

Yes, as a registered user you can leave and return to continue your work at any time. A guest user cannot save if leaving their work, so they should complete their work in a single sitting

I have registered successfully, how do I change some of my registration details?

You can change your profile information and notification settings by going to the “My Profile” tab at the top of the browser. You must be logged into your account to carry out any of these changes

What does Deactivate Account do?

This deletes your account and you will not be able to log back in or see any work that you completed

I have a question about BeSMART, how do I ask it?

Please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page. Otherwise if you go to www.hsa.ie you will see other ways to contact the Health & Safety Authority

Why am I having problems viewing BeSMART.ie on my PC?

Make sure you are running the latest version of your web browser for best viewing (see links below to the most common web browsers currently in use).

Windows Internet Explorer (IE11)

Google Chrome



What if I cannot find my business type?

Search for your business within the “Display All” tab of the “View Supported Businesses Link” on the homepage or by typing in to the search box for a new business type once you have logged in. If you cannot find your business type you can let the Taking Care of Business team know by clicking on the “Please let us know link” provided on that page

When completing the risk assessments what should I do if a hazard is not applicable?

All you need to do is select “No” to the question asking if you have it in your workplace or not and then “save and continue”. You will then be taken to the next hazard. The hazard you said was not applicable will mark as complete, you will not be provided with the control measures and it will not appear in your final document

When completing the risk assessments what should I do if a control measure is not applicable?

Select “No” for controls that are not applicable to your workplace. When you finish all the hazard assessments you will get a “Hazard Control Summary” which will list the controls to which you selected “No” and then you will need to decide to mark a control as not applicable or to add it to the action list. For controls that are marked as “not applicable” you can record the reason why

Can I complete more than one risk assessment or safety statement?

You can complete multiple risk assessments using BeSMART.ie however we recommend you complete any risk assessment you have started before selecting a new one

How can I distinguish between multiple risk assessment documents, because for example I have for more than one workplace?

Within “MyBeSMART” click on the pencil tab on the left of the completed risk assessment document title and type in your preferred title to distinguish it from other risk assessments

How do I print my BeSMART.ie Safety Statement using different web browsers?

When you complete the risk assessment process you will arrive at the management screen. Click on download and then “RTF” if you want to edit the document or “PDF” if you want a non-editable document. Depending on the web browser you are using to surf the web, a pop up box will appear after the safety statement has downloaded, which will then enable to you to open or save the safety statement document

How do I access the PDF documents on this site?

You will need a free program, like Adobe Reader to open these documents. Download it here for free

What should I do if the risk assessment section of my printed safety statement is not displaying properly in PDF?

When you select to print in PDF, check the page settings are not selected to print in “Portrait only” orientation. This is because the risk assessment part of the document should automatically print in the “Landscape” orientation and if printed in portrait, the table will not display properly within the printed page

What can I do if I receive an error message when trying to download my safety statement?

If the additional information /extra control text you added contains an accent or Irish Fada (for example é, á) it will cause an error when generating your safety statement. In the myBeSMART.ie page select to edit your risk assessments and check if there is a word added that has an accent and remove it

Can I edit and update my risk assessments?

Risk assessments created by registered users after the 18th of May can be edited online, from the “MyBeSMART” page. When you click on the “Edit Risk Assessment” button you may see a list of hazards that have been updated since you last used BeSMART.ie and these hazards and controls will be reset in the “Hazard Panel” page. You can also choose to add in new hazards you may not have needed to consider previously

What if I do not see an Edit Risk Assessment? button?

Only risk assessments created by registered users after the 18th of May 2015 will be editable. If you want to ensure that you have the most up to date risk assessment we recommend that you carry out a full risk assessment again and by doing this you will be able to take advantage of any relevant updates

Can I delete a Risk Assessment?

When in the My BeSMART page if you click on the pencil icon  associated with the particular risk assessment a button will appear 'Delete Risk Assessment'. This function will permanently delete the risk assessment from your account and it will not be able to be retrieved.

Why am I seeing the statement that Hazards have been updated since this risk assessment was created?

When you see this message beneath your completed risk assessments on the “MyBeSMART” page, it means that hazards associated with the business type you selected have been updated since you last used BeSMART.ie. If you click on the “Edit Risk Assessment” button provided, a list of the hazards that have been updated will be provided and these hazards and controls will be reset in the “Hazard Panel” page

What type of risk assessment process is BeSMART.ie based on?

The BeSMART.ie risk assessment is based on the following standard and technique;

  • Standard – IS EN31010:2010 Risk Management – Risk Assessment Techniques
  • Technique Used: B4 Checklists - A simple form of risk identification. A technique which provides a listing of typical uncertainties which can be considered. Users refer to a previously developed list, codes or standards. The technique does not provide a quantitative output

If I make any changes to my Safety Statement or Construction Stage Health and Safety Plan will they be saved on the BeSMART.ie website?

No. Changes to the Safety Statement or Construction Stage Health and Safety Plan can only be made in the documents after downloading to your PC or mobile device, with the exception of changes to the actual risk assessments which you can do online at BeSMART.ie. When you review and revise your risk  assessments on BeSMART.ie you can then cut and paste these updated risk assessments into any previously saved document on your PC or mobile device. You can download the documents at any time from BeSMART.ie website if you have a registered account.

If I make any changes to my Safety Statement or Construction Stage Health and Safety Plan will they be saved on the BeSMART.ie website?

No, edits to your final document (your Safety Statement or Construction Stage Health and Safety Plan) can only be made after downloading it and saving to your PC or mobile device. Registered users can review, edit and add in new risk assessments online using the ‘Edit Risk Assessments’ function within MyBeSMART. These will be updated in the risk assessment section of the document available for download at any time within your account. You can make edits to the new document or choose to cut and paste the updated risk assessments into any earlier saved document on your PC or mobile device.